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Hello :)

I’m Ariadna, a self-made blogger and photographer. I live in Poznan, Poland.  Every day – through words and pictures – I nurture my passions, discover myself, my femininity and build long lasting, meaningful connections. 


It all began as a child. Growing up as a young girl, I found the greatest joy and satisfaction in being creative. I longed to be a painter or writer, but from the moment that I picked up a camera for the first time, the art of taking pictures consumed me… I began by photographing the natural world in all its colorful glory. I moved onto fashion photography by giving fellow, like-minded girls a fashion makeover, before capturing their new styles on camera. 


After a while, my photography was being recognized across my hometown. Having captured numerous beautiful portraits, I wondered what it would be like to be on the other side of the camera lens. Creating photoshoots in which I was the central focus proved to be a difficult task, but it also provided hours of endless fun! I was hooked and I took the decision to share the results of my work online and in 2011, I founded my blog


Since then I have been discovering, experimenting and creating my own unique style. I am inspired by vintage fashion and love combining pieces from bygone eras with the very latest trends to create not only timeless, eye-catching sets, but ones which ooze style and class. My wardrobe is stacked full of high heels, lovely dresses and chic accessories as I love to emphasize my femininity. I am certainly not afraid to be provocative, but at the same time I pride myself on taking great care not to overstep the boundaries of good taste and decency.


Away from fashion, I love fine art, exquisite literature and good movies. I am a big advocate of living a healthy lifestyle. A big chunk of that lifestyle includes travelling, which I simply adore! I love travelling to interesting destinations and capturing fascinating people, moods and places on camera. Not a day goes by without listening to music, reflecting on life, or striking up conversations with strangers and interesting people. I am the kind of person who is curious about the world and believes it is worth fighting for your dreams.

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